Currently - a peek into my day from Ruthie at Rear Release Regroup dot com

Currently – a peek into my day

Currently-a peek into my day; guiding my son into the world of cooking long-distance with very few ingredients. Empty nesting, cooking, and fashion for the middle aged mama.…

Blessed, not stressed Christmas giveaway for moms - Christmas prints, books on motherhood, and more! Runs December 1-7

Blessed, not stressed Christmas giveaway for moms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but it can get a little stressful too!  Shopping for and wrapping all the gifts, falling snow and temps, making Christmas cookies, getting your house cleaned and ready for all of the…

Humor Regrouping

How to eat healthy when your husband doesn’t

  We have an ongoing struggle at our house called, How to eat healthy when your husband doesn’t.  It’s a thirty-year documentary. I started the 21 Day Fix–a  portion controlled program with color-coded containers for food, and daily thirty-minute workouts.  My…

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COUNT TO NINE; 9 Liberating Steps to Mom Frustration and Anger

Are you ready to learn:

The surprising reasons behind your anger

The mind-blowing truth of God’s view on anger

One eye-opening tactic of envisioning a desired reaction

How the staggering power of unbelief can keep you from change

How to triumph through one key attitude adjustment

How to achieve victory over the stronghold you’ve struggled with for years

And much, much  more?

COUNT TO NINE, 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger

is a Biblically based, methodical approach for taming the temper, based on mothering experience and tested on a group of young mothers implementing this approach.  These moms have found victory, new hope, and support through encouragement and Scriptural strategies.  COUNT TO NINE;  Biblical strategies, practical breakthroughs.

Need help battling anger?

Dear mom, are you tired, harried, and weary of fighting the same old battle with your temper day-in, day-out? If you desire to jump start a positive attitude, join me for this free course, full of Scripture and actionable plans.