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5 secrets to a simple & clutter-free life


Jenny’s eyes flitted around her home, tears threatening at the cluttered scene.

Mounds of laundry – both clean and dirty, lay in jumbled heaps.  Random objects littered corners and floors – pictures to be hung, projects to complete, and items not yet put away.


secrets to a simple & clutter-free life. Simple tips for decluttering, simplifying, and protecting your mind space and your home from too much "stuff".

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What is it they say?  A sign of a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind?

Judging by the looks of her house, her mind was on major overload!

Jenny desperately longed for change, but she couldn’t slow down long enough to figure out how to solve the problem.  She didn’t have time to declutter her life because she didn’t have time to work on decluttering her life!

I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to this.  In 2017, I’m solidly concentrating on keeping a Clutter-free mind and as a result, I’ve learned a few key principals decluttering.


1.)  Downsize

Everyone knows the first step to decluttering is downsizing.  But it doesn’t have to be nearly as insurmountable as it sounds.  This article by the Creative Minimalist suggests 10 Creative ways to declutter your home that can be broken down into small, daily tasks.  (I especially love number 3 – see how quickly you can fill one trash bag before moving on with your day.)


2.)  Stop multi-tasking

We actually slow ourselves down, spending far more time completing tasks when we do this.  Every mom has to multitask (this I know from raising four children who demanded at least 8 things at once and that was on a good day), but focus is key for task completion. 30 Days to an Organized Living Space by Rachel Jones helps build routine and complete the right tasks so “your home will feel as if it’s cleaning itself”.

3.)  Be accountable

Secure a “stuff buddy” who isn’t attached to your stuff!  Be accountable through daily texts or email, or better yet, ask her to come help!  If you can’t find a person, Chaos to Clutter-Free: 16 Realistic Steps to an Organized Home is a virtual hand-holding system as you declutter.

4.)  Develop a “stuff” filter

So you weeded out the junk, but before you know it your corners will be full again.  According to Jil Shi’s article, 10 Things I Have Learned Through Decluttering My Life, decluttering is “a way of life not a one-off event”.   Home Management for the Homeschool Mom addresses the unique struggle to be both mom and teacher, homeschooler and home manager.

5.)  Perform necessities first

I am the world’s worst at this.  My creative genes get flowing in the morning and I want to do all the “fun stuff” (like make Facebook statuses and pretty Instagram quotes) first.  But this sidetracks me from the important things (like writing quality blog posts and finishing deadlines).

It’s a scary thought, all the letting go that must happen. But it must happen consciously, and if we never get around to it, there will never be enough time. Why there’s never enough


These five steps will get us started on the path of Clutter-free living.  And the resources I mentioned are excellent:

30-days to a Clean and organized living space by Rachel Jones

Chaos to Clutter-Free: 16 Realistic Steps to an Organized Home by Davonne Parks

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom by Amy Roberts



secrets to a simple & clutter-free life. Simple tips for decluttering, simplifying, and protecting your mind space and your home from too much "stuff".



Get a clutter-free life AND mind

If you’re still trying to process how to go about 2017 and get your mind uncluttered, you can join the 31-Day Clutter-free Mind Challenge here.  And remember the five secrets to a clutter-free life.  Let some of your stuff go.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Enlist a partner, and next time you decide to either make a purchase or add an activity to your already full schedule (and home), practice saying no!

Nobody can do all of the things.  After all, we’ve only got 24 hours in a day, and a girl’s gotta sleep sometime, right?

Practice discernment in 2017 and break through to a clutter-free life and home!  I’m making space for things that matter.

How about you?



31 days to a clutter-free mind challenge for distracted moms; ideas on how to eliminate anxiety and get free from cell phone addiction.


Details for the 31-Days to a Clutter-free Mind Challenge:

1.)  Sign up here

2.)  Receive 7 emails (one per day) for a total of one week

3.)  Complete each task each day and then

4.)  Report your progress in the closed Facebook accountability group

5.)  Enjoy support and accountability from the group

6.)  That’s it!  This is a SIMPLE challenge.  No fluff.  No long emails.  Just brief practical encouragement from Scripture and tested life lessons.


Are you ready to accept the challenge to declutter your mind and find time for the things that really matter this year?

Then hop aboard the party train, mom!

31 Days to a Clutter-free Mind; Making space for the things that matter.



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