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    How to get the best end of season sales on women’s clothing

    How to get the best end-of-season sales on women's clothing. Ideas from Loft, Ann Taylor, TJ Maxx, Macy's, thred-UP, and Target. Styles for ages 35-65.


    Now that spring is just around the corner, winter sales on clothing are kicking in and I’ve found some great deals! Today’s outfit is largely brought to you by Anne Taylor and Loft.


    Best end-of-season sales from brand names

    Knit Sweater/Skirt Combo


    How to get the best end-of-season sales on women's clothing. Ideas from Loft, Ann Taylor, TJ Maxx, Macy's, thred-UP, and Target. Styles for ages 35-65.

    *This post contains affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase certain advertised items, I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you, which helps keep this blog up and running.  You may view my policies here.

    Ann Taylor has my heart.  (Just don’t tell my husband).

    If I can find a Loft or Ann Taylor outlet, I’m a happy gal!

    Click on this picture for 60% off Sale Styles. Offer Valid 2/5/2017 @ 5PM – 2/7/2017 @ 3AM



    This outfit is sponsored by different layers/years from my closet.  Skirt, sweater, and black/gold sparkle tights: Anne Taylor Outlet.  (Item in link not exact.)

    Skirt, sweater, and black/gold sparkle tights: Anne Taylor Outlet (told you). Sleeveless gold shimmer blouse: J.C. Penny’s.  (Item in link not exact.)

    IMPO Round Toe Dress Booties– listed under number 6.



    These are my first pair of booties and I love them!  They have been even more versatile than I expected.  These are from T.J. Maxx and believe it or not, they are VERY comfortable!

    You can also purchase this pair at Macy’s through 2/6 at nearly half the original cost (just $26.24).

    Report Marque Ankle Booties



    Don’t forget, thredUP has name brand fashions for a fraction of the cost.  You can read more about it in this post, or click on any of the pictures below to go to thredUP’s fantastic site and see for yourself!


    Shop Now »


    This Banana Republic pullover sweater is up for grabs right now for just $25.99.  🙂

    I found these lovely sweaters on sale right now at Target – might wanna check them out before they’re gone!  If you don’t live near a Target, you can get free shipping

    This poncho sweater is just $10.48 (I’m drooling).


    And this cowl poncho is $14.98.  So pretty!

    Women's Cowl Poncho Blue Pattern - Mossimo Supply Co.™ (Juniors')


    If you don’t live near a Target, you can get free shipping on all orders of $25.00 or more by clicking the red advertisement below.  🙂

    You can find great sales on name brand items if you look in the right places.  I love a good bargain and I hope you’ve found a few ideas for outfits you can put together too!

    Where do you like to shop for clothing?


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