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    Tired of failing? How God turns failure into progress


    Did you know that God can turn failure into progress? He doesn’t ask you to do what you’re not capable of – with His help!

    “I’m so discouraged”, a young mama commented.  “I had my devotions this morning and I STILL yelled!”

    Others chimed in:

    “Just when I think I’m getting a grip on this, I blow up again!”

    “I think I’m a lost cause.  My anger just gets the best of me!”

    If this sounds like you, I know how you feel.  I said these same things when I was a young mom.

    However – wisdom and maturity developed with time. 

    Allow your  heart to receive this encouragement from Jesus’ expectations of the disciples, based on Mark 14:27-54


    Tired of failing? How God turns failure into progress; Gain God’s perspective for your mama failures and blow-ups - He'll use them as stepping stones

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    An awkward moment on a night of celebration

    The disciples and Jesus spent a memorable Passover meal together.  Every preparation had been made for their intimate gathering.


    As they reclined, enjoying the warmth and comfort of close fellowship, Jesus spoke the unthinkable.


    His uncomfortable words rolled over their ears and bounced around in their minds.


    Now as they sat and ate, Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, one of you who eats with Me will betray Me.”

    Mark 14:18, NKJV


    And they became sorrowful.  One by one, they questioned Him, “Is it I?”


    When I read this passage, the thought occurs, “Why would they ask – didn’t they know their own motives?”


    Wouldn’t you know if you were about to betray Jesus?


    Not necessarily.  Do you always know when you’re about to snap?  Sometimes the anger wells up so fast you don’t know what hit you.


    Just like the mom who had her devotions and later yelled at her kids, they knew their own propensity for failure.


    Jesus continued breaking bread and pouring wine, putting a new spin on an old tradition; He claimed to be the sacrificial lamb.  Not fully comprehending, they feasted, sang a hymn, and stepped into the dew of the evening, headed for a favorite spot – the Mount of Olives.


    Think of it – Jesus knew their sinful humanity, yet He continued to sit among them and let God work on their hearts.  He wasn’t going anywhere.  He knew with time, God would mature their faith! 


    Then Jesus said to them, “All of you will be made to stumble because of Me this night for it is written:

    ‘I will strike the Shepherd,
    And the sheep will be scattered.

    Mark 14:27, NKJV




    God planned for them to fail! Christ didn’t ask them not to bolt because He knew they weren’t strong enough yet.


    They didn’t have power for success over this temptation. Years before, God had written in His Word (which the prophets foretold),


    “I will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.”

    Zechariah 13:7

    Tired of failing? How God turns failure into progress; Gain God’s perspective for your mama failures and blow-ups - He'll use them as stepping stones

    God really turns failure into progress?

    God sometimes allows failure to awaken our need for dependence on Him.


    • Sometimes it’s to show we can’t do it in our own strength;
    • Sometimes it’s to show our base humanity (sinful nature);
    • Sometimes it’s to give us enough rope to hang ourselves;
    • Sometimes it’s to make us stronger for next time.


    Peter vowed he was better than the rest:

    Even if all are made to stumble, yet I will not be.(29)


    Not to be outdone, the others pronounced their loyalty:


    And they all said likewise. (31b)


    Yet we know the outcome.


    We can’t continue in sin that grace may abound.

    God has big plans for us – if we’ll keep committing to Him.


    God gave us our own free will to choose right or wrong.  He will not force us to choose right.


    But He will strengthen us when we do!


    After the disciples fail:  God turns failure into progress

    Nearly all these men eventually stood up for Christ and were martyred.


    What made them willing to be persecuted later?  Why did they stand and not fall?


    Maturity in Christ.


    Have I given you pause with this stepping stone?  It’s a lot to think on.


    You have to start somewhere.  Today is that day.


    I want to share something potentially life-changing that could be a pivot point for your actions.  It’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle below, with my promise to help in the form of a special bonus.


    Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

    C.S. Lewis



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    The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle’s Temper Toolkit  is directly connected to our subject of using failures as stepping stones.


    The Temper Toolkit is by Lisa Jo Baker.  Breaking the series into 7 short days, The Temper Toolkit includes THREE WAYS to participate.

    1.  Watch the video of Lisa Jo Baker (her setting is gorgeous)
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    Included in the package are gorgeous prints and screensavers for reminders of the strategies.


    AND – there are also bonus videos and checklists including how to have a scream-free morning routine, phrases to say to your kids when they push your buttons, and 6 daily steps you can take to diffuse!  (See how Lisa is measuring up on her temper through the eyes of her little ones and her hubby – awkwarrrrdddd…LOL!)


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    That’s a lot to digest, I know.  Just remember, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will only be on sale through Monday, May 1, and then it’ll go away.  So think about it.


    Meanwhile mama, be encouraged that God doesn’t ask more from you than you are able.


    Feel free to contact me here with any questions or struggles.  I’ll be praying! 🙂



    Capturing Joy,



    Rear Release Regroup


    PS:  3 more quick resources included in the bundle are

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    Learn more about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle here. Lots of great info.



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