How to find time in the Word; 16 best tips for overwhelmed moms. Bible study doesn't have to be hard, long, or boring. Any mom can fit time in the Word in her schedule with these simple tips!

How to find time in the Word; 16 best tips for overwhelmed moms

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As a young mama, I struggled to find time in the Word. I fretted over personal devotions, family devotions, and even my husband’s devotions.  How guilty I felt falling into bed at night, realizing I hadn’t even cracked my Bible once during the day!

You may struggle too. Finding time is tough between midnight feedings and 5:00 AM bright-eyed, bushy-tailed toddlers. From running the evening game circuit to fighting the bedtime ritual.

But what if you could simplify the process? What if it didn’t have to be as hard as it seems in your head?  I’ve learned a few tricks during my nearly 28 years of child-rearing on how to find time for devotions.

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How to find time in the Word; 16 best tips for overwhelmed moms. Bible study doesn't have to be hard, long, or boring. Any mom can fit time in the Word in her schedule with these simple tips!



16 Best tips to find time in the Word


1.)  Keep it simple

It doesn’t have to be a production.  It helps to be consistent, but lower your standards for this stage of life!  Your devotions aren’t going to look like they once did BK.  (Before Kids.)  In fact, never again will they look like that stage because back then, you were only responsible for YOU.


2.)  Write out Scripture and post around your home

Use post-it notes, 3×5 cards, or plain old paper and tape.  Post in places you frequent aka the refrigerator (where the kids often hang out unnecessarily), your kitchen window, or your bathroom mirror.  Then read it several times a day as you pass through!


3.)  Target 15 minutes (but settle for 5)

Try to get a few minutes to read the Word and pray.  Target 15 minutes if that seems do-able, but if you don’t make it the whole time, give yourself grace – something is better than nothing!  God knows your heart and your desire to meet with Him!


4.)  Install a Bible ap on your phone

You Version, Bible Gateway, or First-5 are all favorite go-tos for the busy young mama (or the older mama such as myself)!  They all have easy-to-follow reading plans.


5.)  Occupy the kids

Use the Ipad, movies, outdoors – take advantage of these lull moments to read the Word on your phone (instead of surfing the web).


How to find time in the Word; 16 best tips for overwhelmed moms. Bible study doesn't have to be hard, long, or boring. Any mom can fit time in the Word in her schedule with these simple tips!


6.)  Break up the time throughout the day 

Snatch 5 minutes in the Word here and 5 on your knees there.  And we’re supposed to be praying without ceasing anyway, right?  Why not make a day of it!


7.)  Listen to the Word

The Bible Gateway ap features an audio option!  Listen while washing dishes, folding laundry, or getting ready for the day.


8.)  Pray the Word

Pray the Scriptures you have posted.  Pray memorized Scripture.  And use this free printable of 6 Powerful Scripture Prayers for the Overwhelmed Mom!


9.)  Memorize the Word

Those Scriptures you posted?  Memorize them for when formal devotions don’t happen.  You can always review Scripture in your mind, whether your taxiing children, sauteeing chicken, or scrubbing floors!


10.) Keep your Bible open on the counter

Keep your place marked and ready to resume.  When you walk by, the open Bible will be waiting, reminding, and inviting you to snatch a few minutes of rejuvenation.


11.)  Ask hubby/friend/grandma to watch kids once per week

If you’re struggling because time in the Word is usual piecemeal, ask your husband to watch the kids for 30 minutes one night a week while you dig into the Word and pray.


12.)  Use a combination of these ideas and make a schedule to do one of them each day

Monday – Scripture cards; Tuesday – during I-pad time; Wednesday – while the kids are at co-op; Thursday – listen while doing dishes; Friday – Bible on the counter, and so on!


13.)  Share your plan with the fam

The best thing you can do to find time with God is to share your plan with your people.  Tell your hubby, and if the kids are old enough to understand, explain what you’re doing.  This causes accountability for you, and responsibility for them to respect and learn from your faithfulness.


How to find time in the Word; 16 best tips for overwhelmed moms. Bible study doesn't have to be hard, long, or boring. Any mom can fit time in the Word in her schedule with these simple tips!



15.)  No social media until after devotions

This is a biggie.  I find time in the Word in the morning, and unless there’s a blogging emergency, there’s no social media or email until after devotions.  Limit internet time until you’ve spent time with God.  We get sucked in so fast and before we know it – 20 minutes flit by while we watch cat videos and share cute pictures of our kids spreading peanut butter on the walls.  Learn to deny your inner social media freak.


16.)  Get a set of ear plugs

Seriously – this works.  I keep several pair handy.  If the kids are safely occupied and you really want to concentrate, use ear plugs.  Found at any local Walmart in the pharmacy section.  You’re welcome.

Remember mom, devotions are doable.  Your time in the Scriptures doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Devotions don’t have to be in the morning, in the quiet, or on a schedule.  Time in the Word doesn’t have to be long, or at the same time every day.

If you’re waiting for the perfect season in life, it’ll never come.  Just like they say about waiting until you can afford kids – it’ll never happen.

The important thing to remember is that God wants a relationship with you now.  So break that devotional mental mold and get to spending time with Him – make it work!


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What are some of your favorite ways to work in devotions?  I’d love to know!







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  1. Hey, Ruthie! I so appreciated your tips for devotions and the personalized Scriptures to pray. I’ve passed them along to another friend who has access to lots of mom’s working overseas. I think this can be a great encouragement to them (and their husbands and single co-workers,too!) Super ideas! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post

      Hi Becky, so nice to hear from you, that is wonderful! I pray those women will be encouraged by the blog post and the prayers. It’s super important to remember that time with God is time with God, no matter how it looks! We just need to draw near to Him, every day, in all the moments – messy or otherwise. Praying for your ministry, thanks so much for passing the post on. Love you!

  2. Haha! Occupy the kids, get the ear plugs and listen to the world! At first glance, it seems strange! But I know it really works!
    I have a friend with 4 toddlers. And 3 of them are always occupied by some work or sports activities. And the mom with earplugs is doing its work or read the bible.

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