How to grow your blog and actually see results!

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Have you ever had the niggling desire to become a blogger?  Do you love the power of words, but flounder at the prospect of where to start?  Perhaps you’re already a blogger, but you need direction from a Christian perspective?  Maybe you’re fearful that you don’t have what it takes, or you’re discouraged because no one is reading your blog.

Enter Christian Blogger’s Bootcamp (CBB).

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How to grow your blog and actually see results. Special offer from Christian Blogger Boot camp, plus bonuses and brand new ebook. Get started today!


The instructor who helps grow your blog

Her name is Arabah Joy (you may have heard of her, she’s pretty well-known in the Christian blogging world).  I first found Arabah in October of 2014 while searching for quality Christian bloggers in my niche.  (I found out not all Christian bloggers adhere to the sound doctrine of Scripture.)

Arabah Joy is the real deal.

The tagline for her blog is, “A showcase for God’s glory”, and she does just that, exuding the love of Christ and His teachings in everything she writes.

I followed Arabah for several months (receiving blog posts via email) and one day, she announced the opening of Christian Blogger’s Boot Camp!

Having so much respect for her already, I signed up immediately.  (No joke – I was traveling, saw the email, talked it over with my husband, jumped in with both feet!)


Talk about an unmatched opportunity!


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The experience to help grow your blog

Arabah Joy covers all the important topics, from creating a mission statement, to coordinating rich pins for Pinterest, to designing effective graphics.  She covers key blogger needs, but with a godly perspective.


Not all blogger boot camps present this approach. 


CBB also offers a wonderful support system for Christian bloggers of all niches, such as a Facebook blogger community, interaction, and feedback.  It’s encouraging to bond with other godly women who want to grow and support one another.  We share each other’s blog posts, encourage, and even pray for one another!


The exposure to grow your blog


How to grow your blog and actually see results. Special offer from Christian Blogger Boot camp, plus bonuses and brand new ebook. Get started today!Something I love about CBB is the opportunity to publicize my blog. CBB has a Pinterest board just for members, providing lots of good blogging exposure.

CBB members also regularly collaborate Pinterest boards, providing even more opportunities to get the word out about our different areas of expertise.

You will discover many other ways to gain exposure to your blog with CBB.


The benefits to grow your blog

From CBB training you will learn:

>>How to create a mission and vision statement

>>How to create evergreen (timeless) content

>>How to craft a killer title

>>How to increase your audience

>>What branches of social media work best

>>How to use those branches to your advantage

>>How to find or create pinnable images

>>And much, much more!


Arabah Joy uses Scripture to back up her methods, and her approach is very systematical and easy to understand.

She also remains available to walk members through any difficulties with the material.

Team members interact to help one another out as well.  It’s a win/win situation!


The course to grow your blog

There are 6 modules.

You have enough time to work through the material in three months, although you can take as long as you want to finish!

Once in the group, you have life time membership!  To me, that is just as much of a value as the actual course, because the camaraderie is invaluable.


So, what do you say?  It’s a small price to pay for such a great course!


Cost:  $147


Bonuses just for signing up:

BONUS: You’ll be invited to the private Facebook group for CBB students and graduates where you can learn, share, network, and collaborate with others in the faith niche. This resource is priceless!

BONUS: You’ll receive access to the Product Creation Workshop where I challenge and equip you to create a product in 7 Days.

BONUS: The Blog at Home eBook by Christin Slade.


*{You also can get 10% off the course when you enter the promotional code:  RTG10}

How’s that for a sweet deal?


But wait-there’s more!

When you sign up for Christian Blogger’s Bootcamp under my affiliate code {RTG10}, you will receive my brand new ebook, Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger and its accompanying beautiful BONUS journal with Scripture cards FREE!

I don’t know one mom in this world that doesn’t need that resource!  You can click below to learn about my book.


Learn More Red


If you are ready to commit to BBC, you can do that by clicking here.  The directions will walk you through.



I have gained so much from participating in this course.

Gradually, I made subtle changes to my blog and saw my traffic increase.

Next, I moved my blog to a self hosted website and, largely with the support of my CBB buddies, got it up and running!

My understanding of the blogging world increased, and I’ve learned many valuable blogging lessons in just one short year.

God has a bigger picture than anything I’ve ever imagined – and not just for me, but for YOU, dear blogger, and for other bloggers desiring bigger, better blog growth!

There is room for more!

If you join, I’ll be right there, cheering you on!


The decision to grow your blog

And now, it’s your turn.

*If you need help, or even just a refresher course for your Christian based blog, this is your answer.

*If you’ve considered starting a blog – this is your chance.

*Even if you are a seasoned blogger or have been at it for a while (such as myself), you may be missing a few key elements needed to grow your blog.


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How to grow your blog and actually see results. Special offer from Christian Blogger Boot camp, plus bonuses and brand new ebook. Get started today!



It’s your decision.  Possibly the most important one to grow your blog that you’ll make all year.  What’ll it be, girlfriend?


Once again, here’s how:


1.)  Copy this *Promotional Code:  RTG10

2.)  Go to

3.)  Sign up for the course using my promo code (RTG10), and shoot me an email here to let me know!  Then, I’ll send your brand new Count to Nine ebook and accompanying beautiful BONUS journal!




That’s it!  Hope to see you at the next Christian Blogger’s Bootcamp, friend!  I can’t wait to see you on the other side – it’ll be my pleasure to welcome you!


*If you sign up for BBC with the promo code, I will receive a small compensation.


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