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How prayer helps moms regain their identity


How prayer helps moms regain their identity. Struggling with comparison, inadequacy, or worry? Encouragement on your identity in Christ + a quick win!



I don’t know about you, but I find myself constantly reassessing my performance as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, blogger, musician, homemaker, and groomer (of myself).

It’s hard to know when to stop with the perfectionist tendencies.

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A story about my mom identity

Recently, I received a word of encouragement and reaffirmation of my standing in Christ. The unlikely source?

My grown son:

“I used to worry about what people thought and often questioned their words or actions.  But once I accepted the love of Jesus, all that changed.  I realized I didn’t need anyone else’s approval –  I had freedom to love others as Jesus loves me. I’m free from that way of thinking.”


(Insert crying emoji and all the feels.)


Prayer helps moms regain their identity

Dear mom, my son spoke back to me what I catch myself telling other moms, “No matter the question, Jesus is the answer.”

  • Wish you knew how to deal with your 5-year-old’s temper tantrums?  Pray.
  • Need help deciding whether to homeschool or not?  Pray.
  • Exhausted from the losing battle of housekeeping? Pray.

You can try as many self-help books and courses as possible (and those things are ALL good), yet if you don’t rely on the Source of your identity, you will always fight an uphill battle and collapse, exhausted with the weight of your failures.


Prayer reaffirms your identity in Christ

Dear mom, if you’ve trusted Christ as your Savior, asking forgiveness and believing He is one with God the Father, you are IN CHRIST!

  • And in Christ, you will accomplish what’s needed – and let go the rest.
  • In Christ, you love others – and forgive the rest.
  • In Christ – you rise up, established firm and secure, no matter that your home looks like a train wreck or you forgot about the dentist appointment or your friend thinks you made the wrong choice in pediatricians.
  • (Or you forgot to reply to that last Facebook post.  Priorities – right?!)

Just keep coming to Christ.  Get your identity from Him and no one else.  Not even Johanna Gaines’ shiplapped home will rival your mansion in heaven someday.

And by the way – my son?  I prayed for him nearly every day of his life.  But Jesus is the One Who found him.

Don’t discount the ministry of prayer for your kids, and remember – God is sanctifying you through your prayers!


Abiding in Christ renews and sanctifies the will:  we ask what we will, and it is given to us.  Andrew Murray,  Abide in Christ


Get your summer prayer survival guide!

Join the C2K Summer prayer challenge for a summer prayer survival guide for moms. Don't miss out - tap into God's rich blessings and enjoy your kids too!


Are you already overwhelmed with summer?  Don’t know how you’re going to survive the natives AND the heat?  I’ve  teamed up with Abi of Joy In My Kitchen (mama of 5) to create a little something just for you:  The C2K (Couch to Knee) Summer prayer survival guide for moms.  This is designed in short, actionable chunks you can manage on your own time clock!

What you will receive

  • A prayer calendar for the month of July containing one verse per day
  • One prayer survival email per week
  • Access to the C2K facebook group

What it involves

The challenge will run for 4 weeks, beginning Monday, July 3. Each week will focus on one of the following topics:

  • gratitude
  • humility 
  • contentment
  • faithfulness


It all starts July 3, but you can sign up right now. That way you won’t forget!

Don’t miss out – tap into God’s rich blessings and enjoy your kids this summer by using this power-boost from God’s Word!


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Join the C2K Summer prayer challenge for a summer prayer survival guide for moms. Don't miss out - tap into God's rich blessings and enjoy your kids too!

PS As a participant in the summer prayer challenge, after it’s ended you’ll receive my Wife and Mommy Survival Kit and Abi’s Identity in Christ Bible study called, “You Are…”, which goes right along with the theme of this post!

Double wins all around!!


7 Ways Bible study calms an overwhelmed mom; Learn to study and interpret Scripture on your own and grow your faith with short bursts of time in the Word.


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