Snap Shot Saturday

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                                       This morning I got up and made these.

     These are a spin-off from my blog (it’s all about cooking).  A couple weeks ago I made Paula Deen’s Orange Breakfast Rolls and my kids decided they preferred cinnamon.  Sooooo…I made them with cinnamon mixed in.  Because I’m mom, and I aim to please.  They were very good.  I still prefer the orange rolls, though.
     The whole fam was home together today!  This is rare anymore.  We spent the entire day together and soaked up every minute.  Here are some pics of our day.

Jim still coming to grips with the fact that he’s giving Taryn away in less than 3 months!

                                                                                         Jim and Nolan working on their skills 🙂

Hayley and Kylie got out Jim’s old camera and took pics of it.

                                                                                         Car fun!  (Notice the creeper to the left.)

We lit a floating lantern to celebrate the end of Hayley’s birthday week!

Up, up, and away!!!

And then, we made these…

Chocolate covered cheesecake squares!

                                                                They look kinda messy here but – oh wow.  YUM.

Suffice it to say – we made the most of our day!!

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