7 signs you need to spring-clean your mind for focus. Motivation for decluttering and organizing your mind from a special spring cleaning series.

7 signs you need to spring clean your mind for focus

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Have you ever thought to spring clean your mind for focus?

Spring cleaning – I just love the thought of those two little words!  My mind’s eye pictures sun-dappled, gleaming floors; light streaming through sparkling glass windows.  White vases, laden with tulips, flank clean kitchen counters.  A gentle breeze from the freshly swept deck wafts a subtle fragrance of potted purple and yellow pansies through screen doors.

Smiling with satisfaction over my hard work, I settle into an easy chair with my favorite Magnolia magazine and acool glass of iced tea.

Serenity now. 



7 signs you need to springclean your mind for focus. Motivation for decluttering and organizing your mama-mind from a special spring cleaning series.



And then, there’s reality.

Which would be in the form of paint chipped walls, cluttered corners, and a suffocating, overwhelming feeling of – too much.

I don’t know where to begin because there’s too much to do!

The same can be said for our minds.  I don’t know about you, but my mind gets cluttered quickly with the details of the day and before I know it, I’m overwhelmed.

I yearn for peace, direction, and an uncluttered mind.

Oh hi – is that you over there sitting in the same boat?   If so, allow me to share a few startling revelations from my quest for focus.  Slip me some oar if you see yourself in any of these situations:


7 signs you need to spring clean your mind for focus


1.)  My mind’s eye is bigger than my mind.

I take on too much!  Why?  Because of number two –


2.)  I’ve got FOMO





…so I take on #allofthethings.  What if someone else gets to Point B before me?


3.)  I’m afraid to say no

I don’t want others to be disappointed in me, so I continue to do #allofthethings


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4.)  I’m overcomitted

After all – people need me!  (What’s that?  My family?  Oh, pssshhhttt.  I’ll always have them – society needs me more.  After all, I want to do my part!)


5.)  And then there’s social media

Hey – I  enjoy it!  Plus I’m in charge of a Facebook group, so I have to be on constantly.  Instagram?  Yes. My business account that needs tending.  Snapchat?  Of course – how are my followers going to know I’m a real person?


6.)  About that pesky pet sin

I know I have a problem, but honestly, I don’t have time to deal with it.  It’s only a little thing, anyway.  It’ll probably go away eventually.  (Jealousy, lust, gluttony, greed, anger.)


7.)  I’m not good enough

I’m too fat/too thin/too short/too shy/too loud/too pimply/too gangley that no one could ever truly love me for me.  The negative self-talk is just how I roll.  It’s how I keep myself humble, ya know?


Ya’ll, it’s time to spring clean our minds. We simply can’t do everything – which means we can’t THINK everything!

And I’ve got answers on how to spring clean your mind for focus.


How to spring clean your mind for focus



This is a 5-day personal challenge for you.  But don’t worry – you can hit reply at any time and dialogue with me about your personal goals – I’ll be right on the other side of the computer!

On Monday, you’ll receive your 5-day mind spring cleaning challenge, and on Friday, I’ll follow up with a couple quick suggestions for keeping it clean!

That means you’ll get a:


and a


Just two emails!

Are you ready to spring clean your mind now?  Follow this link to learn how – I’ve been researching extensively.  I have answers, and you and I need to get out of this boat!


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