Why I won’t tell my kids which one’s my favorite

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“She’s your favorite, isn’t she?”  The oldest asked, as I kissed the middle’s cheek for the 50th time that day.

No.  She was not my favorite, but she did have irresistible cheeks.

All of my kids have asked this of me, I think.

And so, I’ll tell you, my sweets. 

I’ll tell you my favorite.

Taryn, the oldest:  You with your strength, your decision making skills, your bold, beautiful character, your courage to stand for what you believe in, your fun, fantastic mothering skills.  Your sixth sense like your father.  We butted heads through your teen years.  Now, you call me your BFF. 

You are my favorite.

Nolan:  my only son.  You with your musical ability to play anything your hands pick up.  You, pursuing your dream and reaching far beyond anything I could ever imagine in your career, you with your quiet, witty, yet strong spirit.  You, who make me belly laugh.

You are my favorite.

Hayley:  You middle child with those cheeks.  Your fun, colorful, crazy, witty, dreamy, artistic, musical, soft and tender spirit.  My flower child, who dreams in color and likes the Beetles and memorizes every song you hear the second you hear it.

You are my favorite.

Kylie:  My baby, my buddy who picks on me and I you.  My last one in the nest, the girl who knew her mind since the day she entered this world, the most capable three year old on the planet back in the late 90’s, my little chef, I expect great things from you.

You are my favorite.

They still ask.

And I’ll tell them the truth:

You are ALL my favorite.  



                             And I know I use this picture all the time, but….

                                                 it’s my favorite.

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  1. Sultry hot Sicily, huh? Wow! And yes, I bet your son does know! Lol my kids are so fun. I'm having trouble with the empty nest thing, but God is getting me through!

  2. Ruthie!

    Thank you for coming to visit. I really enjoyed your post. How beautiful to affirm each of your children. We had a similar theme with all of us being a favorite. 🙂

    So glad to be God's favorite along side you. He created His favor in each of us. (I have three girls and I have favorite things about each of them as well)

    I did respond on my blog today. (You can find me at #5 on the linkup)

  3. Hi Tammy!
    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you had a happy 4th celebration! So we both have three girls. I would say, "drama, drama, drama", but my first one created all the drama and the other two were drama free, so you never know! Lol have a great day, friend.

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